Buy e30 odometer gears

Things to check KNOW before you buy:

  1. Make sure you are buying the correct version (vdo or moto?). Click here to know how.
  2. Make sure unit is correct. MPH or KPH? Gear counts are different for both.
  3. On VDO KPH units it is best to confirm the third gear count as there a couple different options. Options are: 12 inner teeth, 14 inner teeth, 16 inner teeth or 17 inner teeth. If not specified you will get 16 (the most common count).
  4. You must follow the instructions we provide online. So be sure to bookmark the instruction page for your unit! To insure e30 odometer repair kit works properly you must follow them.
  5. We only ship to your PayPal shipping address so please make sure that is where you want the gears to arrive.
  6. If you order the wrong gears, you may send them back. However postage costs will not be refunded ($2 domestic and $3 international).
  7. We are not liable for any damages or injuries that happen. Be safe, use common sense and good safety procedures.


E30 VDO version odometer gears (MPH) - Buy now

This VDO odometer gear set is for MPH broken E30 odometers that are no longer counting. The Garagistic E30 odometer gear kit includes 3 odometer gears pictured below. DIY instructions can be found here.

vdo e30 odometer gears


E30 MOTOMETER version odometer gears (MPH) - Buy now

This moto odometer gear set is for MPH units in e30 bmws that are no longer counting miles. Replacing your odometer gears can be a daunting task, but it's not quite as difficult as you percieve it to be. Garagistic has quite a bit of write-ups that can be used to ensure an easy e30 odometer gear set up! The Garagistic kit includes 4 gears pictured below. DIY instructions can be found here.

motometer e30 odometer gears


E1 odometer gear (all units) - Buy now

This is perfect if not all of your odometer gears are broken. Its very common that its just that pesky little e1 12 tooth gear. The factory gear has a built in brass bushing, our replacement does not use this so it should be removed in installation. The brass bushing for the odometer gears is not nessesary.  Written and video E1 DIY instructions can be found here.

e30 e1 odometer gear

30 Odometer gears don't have to be as difficult as you percieve them to be! If you follow these instructions and get your gears from the right place, it'll be done quicker than you know and you'll  almost never need to replace your e30 odometer gears again!

Where to buy your gears:  GARAGISITC ODOMETER GEARS

Vdo or motometer odometer?

Please make sure you are ordering the correct unit for your e30. There are two major versions. VDO versions and motometer versions. Click here to see how to check Also please make sure to order the correct unit. MP or KM

Satisfaction guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of our e30 odometer gears. So if for any reason you are not pleased or something happens. Let us know and we will make it right. Just because they are less expensive compared to "other gears" doesn't mean we don't stand by our product!