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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the repair of your classic bmw e30 odometer. There are all too many E30 odometer gears that have stopped recording milage. Almost all of the factory BMW e30 3 series seem to have the same classic problem; a broken odometer. Most owners live with it, others get ripped off by a odometer repair center to get that odometer to count miles again. We'll show you how to get your odometer gears alive and working again!

How can I repair my broken e30 odometer?

Reparing your broken BMW E30 odometer gears can be a daunting task; we give you everything you need to repair your own e30 odometer. This is for the patient DIY e30 owner. We include DIY odometer gear fix instructions and videos as well! Factory gears inside the factory e30 odometer go bad and get soft. Eventually they loose a tooth and that makes them useless because the odometer will stop counting miles. We supply you with these odometer gears at a fraction of the cost of others!


 Replacement odometer gears:

e30 odometer gears

What the old broken gears inside your odometer look like:

broken e30 odometer

broken e30 odometer

How do I know which e30 odometergear set to order?

There are two main kinds of e30 odometer units. MOTOMETER and VDO. Looking at the stamp in the middle can usually determine which unit you have. This method is accurate about 70% of the time. The best way to insure you get the correct odometer gears is to take your odometer out and actually look at the back of it to see what it says.


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Please use common sense when working in your car in any manner. Use information at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur.

Vdo or motometer odometer?

Please make sure you are ordering the correct unit for your e30. There are two major versions. VDO versions and motometer versions. Click here to see how to check Also please make sure to order the correct unit. MP or KM

Satisfaction guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of our e30 odometer gears. So if for any reason you are not pleased or something happens. Let us know and we will make it right. Just because they are less expensive compared to "other gears" doesn't mean we don't stand by our product!